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  • Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Jeremy Kane

    Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Jeremy Kane

    Mirroring the temperature outside, our mayoral race is beginning to heat up. With about three weeks before early voting begins, we welcomed Mayoral Candidate and Founder of LEAD Public Schools Jeremy Kane, to our Belle Meade location’s monthly Breakfast and Networking Event. Originally from Michigan, Jeremy’s father, a minister who often worked two jobs to support his family, relocated to Nashville knowing only three things about the city; he knew Nashville had affordable homes, he knew there were good public schools and he knew that Nashville was a place where he could help build a church that was inclusive to people of different communities. 

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  • Who Are You Online?

    Who Are You Online?

    “You’re not innocent until proven guilty on the Internet.” Steve Wyer, Chief Operating Officer of Third Coast Interactive, made this statement during his presentation for our monthly First Friday event. Wyer’s lecture Who Hires a 3 Star Business? focused on the importance of one’s online identity and the impact it can have on your career.

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  • Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone

    Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone

    In the latest installment of our E|SPACES Learning Series, our Belle Meade location welcomed attorney, entrepreneur and mayoral candidate Charles Robert Bone.  Speaking on the tremendous amount of respect he has for the current administration, Charles Bone detailed his citywide economic development strategy and answered questions from the audience on everything from public education to traffic congestion.  

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  • It’s All About the People…Really

    It’s All About the People…Really

    Jim Lackey, Chairman & CEO of Complete Holdings Group kicked the month of May off by speaking at the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce First Friday Small Business event on May 1st at E|SPACES, Inc. Lackey shares that although many factors play into what makes your business unique, it is the people that truly make the difference. 


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  • Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick

    Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick

    Last week our Learning Series Event welcomed Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick to our Belle Meade location, campaigning as ‘the most uniquely qualified candidate to be your next mayor'. Sorted chronologically into three plans, ‘quick hit,’ mid-term and long-term, the E|SPACES community was the first to see this policy paper that Eskind-Rebrovick’s administration planned to implement within her first 120 days in office if elected Mayor. 

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  • Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate David Fox

    Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate David Fox

    Each month leading up to November’s election, E|SPACES has the honor of hosting a mayoral candidate as a part of our latest Learning Series for Nashville's Next Mayor. Each event includes light breakfast, networking with the local business leaders and the opportunity to discuss key issues up close and personal with the city’s mayoral candidates. 

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  • Breakfast with Nashville's Mayoral Candidates

    Breakfast with Nashville's Mayoral Candidates

    How would you like to have breakfast with each mayoral candidate for the city of Nashville all before the 2015 election this November? The new E|SPACES Learning Series features a mayoral candidate in the race for Nashville’s next mayor each month. With the race in full swing, we are thrilled to hear from each of the candidates before we head to the ballots this November.

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  • Network Your Way Into Success

    Network Your Way Into Success

    Last Friday we were honored to welcome Kim Riley, President of Hylant Nashville, to a standing room only crowd for the first Williamson County Chamber of Commerce First Friday of 2015.

    Kim’s topic “Network Your Way Into Success” had the crowd of 100+ eagerly taking notes for reference for their next networking event. Kim shared tips from how to own the room when you walk in, down to the type of shoes you wear. Riley’s own personal struggle to network when starting out allowed many in the crowd to relate, and realize networking is all about being prepared. Most importantly, you must know exactly what you want to achieve from each networking event. Kim breaks her networking techniques into three different categories: Networking 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

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  • Moving from Corporate to Startup Executive: An Executive Entrepreneurship Path

    Moving from Corporate to Startup Executive: An Executive Entrepreneurship Path

    The general consensus is that corporate generated disruptive innovations need to move outside of normal operations in order to thrive. The evidence is clear that a corporation’s current operations and natural commitment to its best customers will suppress and kill most innovations that can drive real growth. This is not a death sentence for disruptive innovation, but does mandate a strategic approach on the part of senior leadership. 

    Most executives are in their roles because they are good at executing and scaling. But what are the options for those who have entrepreneurial skills and aspirations? They make ideal candidates to lead disruptive innovations that corporations desperately need.

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  • Topsy-Turvy It

    Topsy-Turvy It

    Far and away, time and time again, the number one challenge for businesses trying to build an effective social media presence is their own outlook on how they need to build the content strategy. The perception is that it has to be a self-serving marketing-based strategy in order to drive traffic and help increase revenue.

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