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Topsy-Turvy ItTopsy-Turvy It

By Paul Hickey on December 9, 2014

Far and away, time and time again, the number one challenge for businesses trying to build an effective social media presence is their own outlook on how they need to build the content strategy. The perception is that it has to be a self-serving marketing-based strategy in order to drive traffic and help increase revenue.

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Building Your Team - Do You Have The Proper Ingredients and Recipe?Building Your Team - Do You Have The Proper Ingredients and Recipe?

By Dan Ryan on November 20, 2014

Teams - we all hear about them, participate in them, live with them and die with them.  We almost cannot function unless we are part of a team.  With all of this work done in teams, I still scratch my head when I see how little people do to help make their teams successful.

Washington Update Featuring Senator Bob CorkerWashington Update Featuring Senator Bob Corker

By Casey Briody on November 11, 2014

Just days after the election, we were honored to welcome Senator Bob Corker to E|SPACES for the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce First Friday event. Senator Corker starts by sharing how humbled he is by the result of the election and addresses the frustration that some feel by the lack of progress being made in our nation's capital. With a few initial comments, he opens the floor to a full house of business men and women eager to hear from the Senator.

The Future Of The Office: Collaborative WorkspaceThe Future Of The Office: Collaborative Workspace

By Casey Briody on October 14, 2014

When you imagine the typical workspace, do you picture a 5 by 5 cubicle with fluorescent lighting overhead and filing cabinets at your side? Do you ever wonder what the future of the workplace will look like? E|SPACES had the honor of hosting three panelists who are having a big impact on the evolution of the workplace. Our panelists included Jennie Tatum, Scott Henson, and Brian Weldy who all shared how they are making positive changes in order to improve the workplace.

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Starting: Product and Service InnovationStarting: Product and Service Innovation

By Phil Gibbs on August 19, 2014

Whether you are an entrepreneur doing a traditional startup or a corporate executive looking to create your company’s next great product or service, you have to start somewhere.  I know—that is profound.  But really, it is at the root of most entrepreneurial and corporate innovation failures.  We simply never start!


The Road to Success: How Local Startup Company Paved Their WayThe Road to Success: How Local Startup Company Paved Their Way

By Casey Briody on August 7, 2014

One of the greatest things about working in a shared office space is being able to witness bright minds plant a seed and watch it grow, something that Nashville is seeing a lot of these days. For those of you who were not able to join us last Thursday and indulge in the delicious spread Puffy Muffin prepared, our former member Nick Yaeger stopped in to share his road to success. Nick is the CEO of, a local company that specializes in the world of data marketing. The company most recently won Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest competition here in Nashville. 

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Achieving Work Life BalanceAchieving Work Life Balance

By Casey Briody on June 18, 2014

Today many people struggle managing work life balance in order to make the deadline, advance, or because they simply enjoy what they do. Whatever the reasoning may be, it is possible to balance your home and work life. Entrepreneurs especially feel the pain of overworking themselves in order to make their dreams a reality. Many will do whatever it takes to build their business, something Dr. Jeff Cornwall can relate to.


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The End of Windows XP As We Know ItThe End of Windows XP As We Know It

By Jacob Brown on May 12, 2014

To begin, I felt it important to take a moment of silence and recognize the end of an era: Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on the ever-loved Windows XP operating system.  Well, to be accurate, Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP.  This means that all you faithful XP users can frolic into the Fields of Elysia evermore, living on in the ignorance and bliss of the 13-year old operating system . . . at least until the XPocalypse occurs.

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E|SPACES Cool Springs Presents Talk By TechnologyAdvice CEOE|SPACES Cool Springs Presents Talk By TechnologyAdvice CEO

By Kelsy Harms on May 6, 2014

"It's a risk not to take a risk." Rob Bellenfant, CEO of TechnologyAdvice, shared with a room full of Franklin business leaders and entrepreneurs last Friday at E|SPACES Cool Springs. He started his first entrepreneurial venture at age 7 and has since purchased five businesses off eBay. The first four failed, but the fifth has morphed into what has successfully become TechnologyAdvice based in Brentwood. 

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